Marketing Support

At Splash we reach our consumer communities with marketing that celebrates their lifestyle. Our product’s attributes are amplified by our multichannel communication strategies driving engagement and loyalty to our brand family.

How we work

We meet consumers where they are, whether that be in the stores where they shop, out of the home where they “play” or digitally where they engage and learn.

Pulpoloco packaging
Copa di Vino social post

In Market

The most efficient deployment of our marketing investments are made on-premise and in-store. Here we seek multiple points of distribution, interruptive branding and trial-driving tactics in the courting phase of our burgeoning relationship with the consumer.

Copa di Vino display
Copa di Vino display

Building Brand Affinity

We begin to build a long-lasting relationship with the consumer through telling our brand’s stories in campaigns that meet them in their favorite online environments, or when they’re out and about living their life.

Product and Innovation

We then deliver on the brand’s promise with amazing liquids. A core value of Splash’s product strategy is to over-deliver on the consumer’s expectation for quality. With updated branding, new flavor and product innovation we create excitement to dive deeper into the relationship and to share with friends.